Website Maintenance & Content Updates

We take care of your regular website maintenance and updating tasks,
While you focus on your business !

Website Updating Services

When you visit a website that has outdated information or the news / photos haven’t been updated in years … What is your opinion about the business ?

SriSAAS helps you run your business smoothly by saving valuable time and effort that you would spend on your website. Why have an outdated website that will drive away visitors to your competitors ?

With SriSAAS, your website gets regularly updated and you get to present a professional image to visitors.

Our plans range from providing basic updates to the website every month – like updating products, news, images etc to a more exhaustive services.

Some of the things that we do to keep your website up to date, fresh and relevant with regular content updates like :

Website Maintenance

Website Backups: Regular backup of website, database and files. *Price varies by website size.

CMS Updates: Regular CMS updates ( Eg: WordPress ) including plugins and themes. If any custom coding is involved additional charges apply.

Check Virus/Malicious activities: We provide regular checking and ‘basic clean up’. Client might need to subscribe to additional services at their cost.

Broken Link Check: Regular updates on broken links found on website and apply fix where possible. If fix requires custom coding or developer activity then it will incur additional charges.

Analytics and Traffic Report: If we are provided access to website analytics then we analyze and discuss the notable points with client every month.

Not Included: We DO NOT deal with server issues on behalf of client. We can inform the client if the issue ‘might be’ due to web hosting and recommend a suitable hosting provider.

Custom coding, adding new features or design activities like creating/modifying page templates are NOT included under regular maintenance charges and will incur additional charges.

Website Content Updates

Content Updates: Fresh content can add value to the website visitor who will find the information more relevant and thus find your services/products.

Seasonal Changes: Latest offers for Festivals, or just wish the visitors. These small actions make the visitor feel special.

News, Specials and Events: Create a corporate blog and let people discover the latest updates in your organization, New products and the stories you wish to tell them.

Contact Details and Location Changes: Added a new Branch ? Inform your customers. Update phone numbers, Addresses and email address. Provide details of the right people to contact.

New Images: You are doing new activities everyday, why not update the images of your products, the logos of your clients or just the gallery to show the latest happenings in your organization.

New Features and Products: List your new product on the home page so that customers know about it! Update shopping cart, List information about your new services. Your website is the best place to advertise the latest happenings.

Staff Changes: An organization that list the members of their staff, provide the contact details of your marketing / sales or support team. Help your customers reach out to those they need to be in contact with.

Website Maintenance / Content Updates Package Pricing

The pricing of this service is based solely on client requirements.
The price is determined based on the scope of activity, the frequency of work ( daily, weekly, monthly ) etc.

For regular Weekly / Monthly Website Maintenance – The average turn-around time is 2-3 days.
Plans are capped on a number of hours basis at our current hourly rate.
The minimum charge for modification work is 1 hour.

Please provide maximum details in the form so that we have enough information to guide you.



We DO NOT provide one time maintenance / updates service.