Technology in Web Design

Your Web Designer should know this …

Website design is not just about good looking web pages. It is also about understanding the technology that goes behind a good website.
[callout1]Most of the times it is the things that you can not see that can determine the ranking of your website.[/callout1]


“My site looks right and works fine – isn’t that enough?”

The answer to this one is that code or markup languages used to create websites are basically data formats. So a website looks different to different browsers and different search engines!
For your website it is not only important that the visual appearance is good when it is presented by your browser but also that the browsers and search engines can see the information presented in clearly.

The fact that different browsers display the same page very differently. This deliberate feature is not a browser bug. Infact it is one of the principal strengths of the web design, that a visitor can can experience different features depending on their choice.

A Professionally designed website should follow the following technology standards.

CSS Based :

CSS will help you separate the information content of the website from the visual structure or the actual display of the website. This method of keeping the style separate from the content is using so that you can:

Remove duplication and Repetitive Tasks
Website maintenance is easier
Freedom to use the same content in a variety of styles for different purposes

Avoid Table based Design :

Table based design is very common when you commission a cheap website. As this is a design trend being followed from the late 90s. A lot of designers find it easy to keep following the same patterns. But in the long run this does hurt your website.

Tables are not flexible. CSS web layouts give a freedom that Tables simply cannot.
Tables increase the size of the code and also they do not provide a lot of visual variety css might.
High Page Load Time : Webpage’s built with tables consume more time in rendering the content.

Why do Web Designers still use tables ? That is hard to answer. Some web designers are good and fast with tables so they do not wish to improve their skill set. Some other web designers do not want to spend time make a cross browser compatible website. Using tables makes the job easier for them.

Cross Browser Compatibility :

Does your website look good across the LATEST versions of most browsers ? Does it load fine on Mobile Devices ?
Creating a Website that looks and acts different on different browser leads to Bad User Experience. Also, overall gives an unprofessional feel.

Avoid Flash :

There are a lot of reasons to avoid using flash in your website. We have collected all of them in a single page.
Please read these before you decide to use flash. Remember some people might say it looks ‘COOL’ but that’s not what Experts and Search Engines say.