What is SEO / Social Media

What is Search Engine Optimization ?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing your website for ranking high on search engines for selected keywords.

What is Social Media ?

Social Media refers to websites like Facebook, Twitter etc Social Media marketing involves developing and marketing and organizations Social Media profile. The goal is to create an influential Social Media presence for the client.
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What is Black Hat and White Hat SEO ?

Black Hat SEO is using techniques that are frowned upon by Search Engines and are considered unethical. These techniques used to give a boost to Search Engine Rankings but now Search Engines track down and penalize websites using such techniques.

White Hat SEO follows search engine guidelines and helps the SEO Professional build Search Engine Rankings using the right techniques.

How can BAD SEO harm Websites ?

Bad or Black Hat SEO techniques can lead to a drop in rankings, Penalty or removing the website from search engine rankings.

Also, White Hat techniques applied incorrectly can lead to the same penalties. SEO should be undertaken carefully and with the right strategy.

Why should I pay for SEO ?

Search Engine Optimization process requires developing and implementing a Search Engine Strategy. This requires professionals for activities like Content Writing, Link Building, Content Submission etc. Thus, it is a paid activity requiring multiple professionals to work on improving rankings.