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Ideal for :

SMBs, HR Consultancy,Training Companies and Small Businesses

Domain Registration .COM
Website Hosting Fully Managed
Website Design Upto 15 Pages
Platform PHP/MySql
email IDs Third Party

Each additional Page ( Content Only ) : $10 USD

FREE Addons / Integrations
Google Analytics
Search Engine Submissions
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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

You are also giving budget static websites for lower price – Why is this package priced higher ?

We provide startups,small businesses and independent consultants with a basic ‘Static’ Website for the price
The requirements of a growing business are different from small businesses looking for a first time / basic website for their business.

This package has a professional design, Animated photo Slider, Contact Form and makes a professional impact.

Are you sure no Hidden Charges ?

Yes. There are no hidden charges you get what we have stated here.

Is this package right for my Company ?

We suggest this package for Growing Companies Websites. If you are an organization that needs to regularly update their customers on latest products, updates, news etc this package is an ideal for you.

This website offers essential options for startups and consultants in a lot of sectors.

We study detailed client requirements and understand their needs post extensive discussions. If we think this Website Design package is not suited for you we will tell you so.

Others are Charging X for Domain and Y for Hosting and Z for Design
Website design in India / Hyderabad is a very competitive business. Every Website Design company has their logic for determining the pricing. We provide certain packages for our clients as per their needs. If you have custom requirements that do not fit into our packages you can inform us regarding the same and we can help you.

Why should I work with SriSAAS ?
We have a proven track record. We are quality conscious and aim to provide good service. If you are looking for a Website Design team that provides excellent service at the right price then we are the guys you should be working with.

What do you need from me to create the website ?
To get us started with building your website you can provide us with the following :
1) Content of the Website
2) Choice of Domain Names
3) Your Logo. Images that you might want us to add to the website

We charge according to the time we work for on the website. For a simple website design like advertised here our time taken is less and accordingly price is less.